Property Liens

Parcel Information

Official Copy

  • Secure data export from utility billing software to Webcheck's servers
  • Separate calculations for each utility plus taxes to closing
  • Sophisticated consumption estimates with tiered billing
  • Separate calculation of daily costs per utility for early or late closings
  • Local Improvement Districts,
  • Connection and "late-comer" fees
  • Cleanup and other property liens
  • Look up by street address or tax/parcel number
  • GIS import and address verification
  • Secure and private: no personal information given to closing agent
  • Immediate access to an official lien information document for closing file
  • Re-check reminder notices to closing agent
  • Notification to utilities of estimates, re-checks, and canceled sales
  • Buyer details collected ahead of closing

The Webcheck Difference

Utility Providers
  • You Receive an email or fax from an escrow or title company looking for a payoff estimate.
  • You look up the property and its billing history
  • You manually run the numbers and make adjustments for the various factors your processes take into account.
  • If the closing date changes, go back to step 1.
A Better Way
  • Escrow types in the property address and automatically receives an instant, on-demand payoff estimate based on current rates and historical/seasonal consumption
  • You get notified of the payoff estimate and only need to handle the occasional edge case
  • Escrow re-checks on the day of closing and gets an up-to-date payoff estimate or bill.
Escrow/Title Companies
  • The escrow or title company emails or faxes a request
  • They wait for you to crunch the numbers
  • With any luck, they email or fax again on the day of closing to get a more accurate payoff estimate.

Webcheck Partners

We started with Webcheck because we were slammed with so many requests from Title and Escrow companies. The service has been wonderful from the very beginning. They listen to us and have been quick to customize the software in response to our needs. I can’t say enough good things about Webcheck, both as a software product and as a team of people.
Sharon Crandall
Senior Finance Technician
Lynnwood, WA

How Webcheck Works

Webcheck is a software solution that automates utility and lien payoff estimates for real estate closings. Many cities and utility districts currently perform estimate calculations manually. Closing agents at title or escrow companies will email or fax a payoff request, and the responsibility falls staff members to perform the calculations and reply to the request. State and local laws usually require a response within a short time window, and utility providers can receive many of these requests per day during the peak real estate season. With Webcheck, we build a custom calculator for your city or district, taking into account things like rate tiers, historical usage, and penalties for past-due balances. The result of that calculation is immediately made available to the closing agent on official letterhead. Title and escrow companies benefit from Webcheck because they can get a payoff estimate instantly. Furthermore, they can easily check again the day before closing to see if things have changed. Your city or district benefits through the automation of this tedious manual process. It’s a win-win!

Integrating Webcheck with Utility Billing Software

Webcheck integrates with a wide range of different utility billing software such as Caselle, Eden, InHance, Incode, Munis, and Springbrook.

Do you use a different utility billing Software? Webcheck can integrate with a wide range of advanced utility billing systems. Contact us or schedule a demo to see how Webcheck can make the property sale closing process smoother for everybody.